A young Isoko girl was reportedly wounded by her guardian in Asaba, Delta state. According to reports, the madam used a plate to hit the girl on her forehead yesterday and injured her in the process.

It was gathered that the brutal act was meted out on the maid because she didn’t wash plates well, hence the madam angrily hit the girl’s head with a plate resulting in severe injuries.

A Facebook user Chimeh Uche, wrote; “Happening now in DDPA estate Asaba, a woman just injured her maid with broken plate on her fore head because she was not washing the plates well, what a world, please Isoko people help your Isoko sister, Blessing a student of Blooming Height School Asaba DDPA Estate.”

Police in Asaba including BBI Deputy Director Victor Omonigho and Men of Nigeria Police Force had launched investigations for the viral video of Blessings attacked by her Madam.

They found out that the Madam smacked brokeable plate on Blessing’s head.
The madam and husband hurriedly hid Blessing for fear of arrest having committed a grievous harm against her.

The case is said to have been reported at GRA Divisional Police station Asaba by BBI human rights. The madam will be arrested and charged to court.

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